34: BONUS – EuroFile with Marley Clements (QANON: Search for Q)

KF BONUS DROP – EuroFile with Marley Clements (QANON: Search for Q)

Enjoy this week’s episode of EUROFILE with Monique Camarra and co-host Scott Lucas, who are joined by Marley Clements to discuss her Vice TV series “QANON: The Search for Q” and Season 2 premiering tonight!

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MARLEY CLEMENTS is a documentary filmmaker and political strategist focusing particularly on issues of disinformation and hybrid warfare tactics. She is the co-creator and host of the VICE documentary series QAnon: The Search for Q and the writer/producer of the 2018 hit-documentary Active Measures, about a decades-long covert political war being waged by the Kremlin on democracies around the globe. She has been a featured speaker at Yale’s Jackson School for International Affairs, European Parliament, University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, and a variety of other globally recognized institutions. Prior to making films, Marley worked in various capacities at think tanks, and advocacy organizations, including the Brookings Institution, PolicyLink, and the Laborers’ Union. 

Kremlin File Season 3 returns mid-September! 

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