6: Kremlin File: Unveiling Russia’s Kremligarchs with Ilya Zaslavskiy (Part 2)

Join Olga and Mo as they explore the intricate world of Russian oligarchs, known as Kremligarchs, with special guest Ilya Zaslavskiy. Together, they delve into the influential role these figures play as the Kremlin’s frontmen, shaping global affairs and executing operations worldwide on behalf of the Kremlin. The episode analyzes recent sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe against Russia and discusses potential targets for further measures.

From Abramovich to Blavatnik, the hosts examine key Kremligarchs and their multifaceted activities, shedding light on their functions within the Kremlin and their global operations. They also dissect the sophisticated tactics used by these Kremligarchs to whitewash their reputation amidst heightened scrutiny.

Tune in to uncover the secrets of Russia’s shadowy power players and their impact on global politics in this revealing episode. This is Part 2 of a two-part episode!

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