9: The New Age of Military Power- Russia & Ukraine- with Jahara ‘FRANKY’ Matisek

Olga & Mo are joined by Lt Col Jahara “FRANKY” Matisek to discuss the increasing and alarming utilization of asymmetric warfare by countries such as Russia, China, and Iran to destabilize Western democracies and key institutions, the transformation of warfare, Russia’s disinformation operations, and Ukraine’s ongoing counter-offensive.

Lt Col Jahara Matisek is a US Air Force Pilot who goes by his callsign “FRANKY” – he has a Ph.D. in political science from Northwestern University and is currently a Military Professor at the US Naval War College. FRANKY has published over 90 articles on strategy, security assistance, and information warfare. FRANKY’s 2022 book, Old and New Battlespaces, identifies how adversaries attack the West in the Information Age and how everything is becoming weaponized as everyone becomes a combatant. FRANKY is also a Fellow with the Irregular Warfare Initiative.

Twitter: @JaharaMatisek


FRANKY’s work:

Shades of Gray Deterrence: Issues of Fighting in the Gray Zone

Ukraine’s Hidden Advantage: How European Trainers Have Transformed Kyiv’s Army and Changed the War

Old and New Battlespaces: Society, Military Power, and War

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